Millennium Automatic Call Distribution

Millennium ACD and Reporting


Picture a business communications system with virtually no busy signals, caller delays, or abandoned calls. Callers are automatically routed to your agents, and the workload is evenly distributed. Supervisors can see real-time status displays or view reports of call activity. As a result, your business is more productive and efficient. And you can even offer services that obviously differentiate you from your competitors. But best of all, the return on investment is fast. And it's all made possible by the Millennium's inherent Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) capabilities combined with the Real Time ACD monitoring and reporting application.



The Millennium provides cost-effective call center capabilities for almost any size business. You can now have a powerful ACD system that routes calls based on who is calling and who's available or who's qualified to take the call. The benefits of a Millennium ACD environment are easily cost justified - even with only a few people to handle your inbound calls. So, even with a small budget, your company doesn't have to seem small to your customers.


Real Time ACD


Key Features:

Advanced Call Routing

Routing plans can determine the destination of a call based on a variety of factors, such as: agent availability and qualifications, calling party or called party information, including the number of callers in queue and the length of the longest queued call.

Music-on-Hold Capability

Callers in queue can be played music and recorded messages that encourage them to hold until an agent is available, allowing you to present a courteous and professional image to customers.


Remote Agents

Off-premises agents can log in and log out, or on-site supervisors can log a remote agent on or off. Performance statistics are gathered as for local agents, and remote agents can be monitored through Real Time ACD. Further, this feature can be used with networked Millenniums enabling agents in a remote system to log into a group in the hub system.


Agent and Group Activity

The Real Time ACD software package provides up-to-the-second call center statistics. The customizable screens display agent and group performance with color coding for immediate visual identification as well as audio alarms to alert you to problems requiring quick attention.


Sophisticated Monitoring

With a simple mouse click, the supervisor can remotely logon, logoff, monitor or call an agent and even view the agent’s picture. Graphs provide a quick and easy way to compare an agent’s performance with group norms. Together, these parameters help a supervisor identify agents who are not meeting performance standards, thus enabling management to take corrective measures by providing additional training or coaching.


Traffic and Device Analysis

The software package also allows the supervisor to oversee and report on incoming and outgoing call traffic as well as monitor devices and features on the system that may be misused by agents.


Accurate Reporting

Management information on call handling and agent productivity is critical to analyzing the performance of a call center. Customized reports are available in both graphical and text versions.


ACD Report


Millennium ACD and Reporting Key Benefits:


  • Distribution of calls to the agent or group most capable of handling the inquiry and providing music and messages improves customer satisfaction by demonstrating respect for the customer's time and concern for the customer's needs.
  • Efficient call distribution reduces call time and costs, always a concern when customers are calling your toll-free number.
  • Real Time ACD gives supervisors a powerful tool at their fingertips for tracking and monitoring agent productivity.



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