Millennium IP Telephony


eOn IP Phone 500More than ever, companies are building virtual enterprises with converged networks to connect themselves more closely to their customers, suppliers, remote workers and their own offices. Distance is no longer a barrier to doing business and communications is the key capturing new markets, improving employee collaboration and serving customers better.


The Millennium can enable you to reduce your operating costs and maximize employee effectiveness while providing the best of both digital and VoIP technology in one platform. Whether you want to implement VoIP gradually or build a VoIP infrastructure from scratch, the Millennium provides you the freedom to choose when to deploy this technology.


Key Features:


Smooth Migration

With the Millennium, you have a cost-effective option for migrating to IP telephony using your existing equipment. The Millennium uses a fully integrated universal VoIP gateway card that can be used for network trunk access or IP station devices. The card plugs into the shelf with the rest of the telephony interface cards. The result is a blending of the reliability of Millennium’s traditional voice technology with the advanced applications and cost effectiveness of IP technology.


Cost-Effective Communications

IP Telephony is growing throughout the world as communications decision makers begin to take advantage of the potential cost savings afforded by converged infrastructures. Voice calls can be transmitted over existing data networks allowing organizations to avoid public call charges. These savings are most attractive where costs are extremely high such as calling international offices.


Millennium VoIP Diagram



Virtual IP Networking

Whether you need to connect several phones in an office, hundreds of phones in a campus environment or clusters of remote workers, the Millennium allows you to create a virtual enterprise, delivering all the features and benefits of a traditional PBX without the geographic boundaries of the past. Utilizing the Q.SIG protocol over VoIP data lines, Millennium and eQueue systems networked together can take advantage of enhanced networking and feature transparency between systems.



Millennium VoIP Diagram



Standards-Based IP Solution

The eOn IP Phone 500 and eNterprise IP telephones comply with industry standards, including SIP and Dynamic IP Support (DHCP and PPPoE). They provide easy access to the Millennium’s advanced telephony and messaging features to users located anywhere there is an IP network connection. The phones are WAN/LAN capable using 10/100 base-T Ethernet with auto-sensing and switching. Users will also enjoy the benefits of 3rd-party IP softphones, software that allows calls to be made and received through a PC. Additionally, the Millennium provides superior echo cancellation utilizing the G.168 codec and supports multiple voice compression codecs, including:

  • G.726
  • G.729 A
  • G.723.1
  • G.711 A-law and Mu-law
  • G.726-16



Productive Teleworkers

Remote office personnel can now have access to voice and data networks equal to their office colleagues. Users of eOn’s IP telephones enjoy the benefits and features currently available to digital telephones, regardless of their location. Enterprise-enabled remote workers have access to features like 4-digit extension dialing, conferencing, voice messaging, and other productive call handling features. This helps to reduce overhead and absenteeism by giving staff the choice of working from home.



Millennium VoIP Diagram




End-to-End Quality of Service

The Millennium’s IP technology assures consistent speech quality by providing alternate paths to guarantee a continuous flow of packets regardless of the congestion on the network. Even in the event of a network failure, the Millennium’s Least Cost Routing features can be invoked to allow backup use of traditional T1 or analog trunks.



Easy Administration

IT personnel can benefit from IP telephony administrative advantages, such as lower-cost adds, moves, and changes, that are inherent with IP phone administration. IP phones can be moved from one location to another location without assistance of qualified technicians. Additionally, remote VoIP diagnostics, software updates and system configuration via the Internet make installations simple and economical to maintain.


Millennium IP Telephony Key Benefits:


  • Improve employee productivity by sharing system resources across multiple sites.
  • Reduce networking costs by using the existing WAN to carry VoIP calls between networked locations.
  • Lower employee absenteeism by offering effective work-at-home solutions with VoIP connectivity.
  • Deploy IP telephony when and where it’s right for your organization without any compromise in reliability or feature capabilities.


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