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A Powerful Presence, Mobility & Messaging Solution that Allows Users to Manage Communications Anytime, Anywhere from Any Device!


eNterprise IP MessengerAs a robust unified communications platform, the eNterprise IP Messenger is designed to improve and simplify internal and external communication flows between employees, customers and suppliers.


IP Messenger is aimed at improving these relationships and interactions, while at the same time lowering operating costs, protecting infrastructure investments and ensuring you meet the needs of a diverse user environment – from desktop workers, to mobile workers, corridor warriors and telecommuters.


The platform is a hardware and software package developed by eOn Communications and Esna Technologies. It consists of the IP Messenger Server, Telephony Office LinX Software and the eOn IPSC VOIP interface card for the Millennium.


eNterprise IP Messenger delivers:

> Presence

> Mobility

> Messaging


Key Components

In order to realize this vision the following components have been integrated into a remarkable unified solution.


Presence Solutions

  • Text Messaging
  • Staff Location & Availability Status
  • Call Control & Screen Pops
  • Instant Messaging
  • Find-Me / Follow-Me Routing
  • Speech Enabled Routing
  • Contact Management Tools
  • Location Greetings & Availability Filters


Mobility Solutions

  • Wireless Server
  • Wireless Client Applications for PDAs & WAP Enabled Phones
  • Web Portal
  • Text-to-Speech Email Reader

Messaging Solutions

  • Unified Messaging
      • Basic – SMTP / IMAP4 Pointers
      • Advanced – IMAP TSE
  • Voice Mail
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call Recording
  • Fax Server
  • Fax Mail and Fax on Demand
  • Multilingual Support
  • IVR
  • AMIS/VPIM Networking
  • LDAP Importer
  • Web User Interface
  • Administration, Maintenance & Reports







UC Client ManagerAs a presence management server, eNterprise IP Messenger integrates with Active directory and other LDAP interfaces to deliver LIVE communications between voice and data networks. It enables organizations to know real-time status and availability of their workforce and provides the user with tools to control how their calls are routed and answered.


  • Directory Tool - Offers immediate notification of staff availability and easy access for remote users with office staff.


  • LanTalk - Instant messaging provides real-time ability to communicate with users logged into the Internet and wireless network via SMS; both internal and external users can send messages via IP to any user in or out of the office


  • Call Screening - Users can identify a caller and consequently prepare for incoming calls – leading to better customer service in the way they answer and respond to live calls.


  • Call Recording - Users can select to record all inbound phone calls or record parts of a conversation at any time and then the system will store the message in the user’s mailbox.


  • Speech Enabled Routing - Leveraging speech recognition technology from Nuance, callers and employees simply say a name or department and depending on the user’s availability, presence, and location, IP Messenger will connect the caller to the user in real-time, dramatically lowering daily messaging and vastly improving customer service.





UC MobileMobile and remote workers need to be responsive by being able to promptly and selectively take calls, receive mail and reply to messages. Often while on the road or working in a virtual office, it becomes difficult for them to check e-mail and faxes when their access to a computer may be limited.


The eNterprise IP Messenger's mobile applications, UC Mobile and WAP Client, will solve these challenges.


  • UC Mobile – Supported on Blackberry, iPhone, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile OS and Symbian OS enabled devices, UC Mobile communicates with the IP Messenger server via TCP/IP (GPRS, WiFi) allowing the user to:
      • Manage location and greeting settings
      • Use the corporate instant messenger
      • Check e-mail, voice and fax messages
      • Listen to an e-mail using text-to-speech technology
      • Place a call to the message sender
      • View call history
      • Access contacts and dial a number
      • View a co-worker's location and availability status and even be notified when that individual is off the phone


  • WAP Client - The WAP Client is another way to stay connected using WAP-enabled wireless phones. It provides access to the user’s mailbox, settings, contacts and location management via the WAP browser. Almost any cell phone in the marketplace can become a full PDA; all you need is access to the messaging server portal.


Calls coming into your organization represent major assets, your customers! Having those calls go directly to mobile devices compromises your control over the asset. By employing the eNterprise IP Messenger an organization retains control of incoming calls and their distribution ensuring that calls are always promptly connected to a live call as well as making sure they are always answered by an employee or resource that works for that organization.



UC Mobile UC Mobile UC Mobile






As a feature-rich voice messaging system, the eNterprise IP Messenger is scalable up to 288 ports allowing it to accommodate a variety of applications and adapt to virtually any environment.


  • Unified Messaging – eNterprise IP Messenger’s unified messaging expands a user’s access to all messages such as voice, e-mail and fax from one inbox at any time with whatever device is closest to hand, whether it’s by desktop, via the Web, the telephone, or using wireless devices. Based on IMAP4 standards, the IP Messenger works with a variety of email servers, including MS Exchange 2000 / 2003 / 2007, Lotus Domino, Novell GroupWise and hosted Google Applications.


Unified Messaging IMAP TSE Email Server Synchronization


  • Outlook Extensions - Easy and quick access to corporate instant messaging, presence management, message control, callback options and more; all from your Outlook interface. Toolbars that are also available in your preview pane give users access to all functions, so they don’t have to leave Outlook for any other application. Everything is just one click away.


Unified Messaging - Outlook 2007 Inbox & Voice Message


  • SIP Integration - A single Ethernet connection is all that is needed to provide accurate message taking and reliable message lamp control and message delivery. The IP Messenger uses the Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) to integrate with the Millennium and eQueue, eliminating analog port hardware, reducing cost and increasing deployment flexibility. The entire messaging process and user experience is simplified and enhanced with IP integration making it possible to deliver a comprehensive unified communications system.


  • Auto Attendant – Accelerates and streamlines call processing by answering and processing calls promptly based on caller input. Callers can press a key or use speech to navigate menus and reach the appropriate individual, department or information they require. It supports multiple languages, intelligent routing and multi-tenant directories.


  • Voice Messaging – Voice mailboxes can be associated to several conditions such as a phone extension, information or play-only box, transaction box, off-site phone number, Q&A box or notification box. Class-of-service allows you to create custom feature groups and allocate features to groups and assign users. Mailboxes can be grouped into organization units based on tasks, responsibilities and inter-company hierarchies to better reflect the company structure and facilitate administration.


  • User Administration - All users can administer their Find Me / Follow Me Rules and other preferences through an intuitive browser-based interface – the Web Client.


Web Client


  • Telephone User Interface – The IP Messenger provides the ability to emulate other TUI interfaces for voice mail access helping to reduce user re-training costs and requirements. The feature-rich interface supports a multitude of mailbox management options.


  • Fax Messaging – Soft Fax services over SIP enable a variety of applications such as fax messaging, fax-on-demand and outbound fax services without requiring a dedicated fax card. Because the IP Messenger takes advantage of the already localized Fax Console and Fax Services within the Windows OS there is no need for a new fax client. Users may print a fax from any application, send a message in Outlook as a fax or send a fax using a fax wizard. Inbound faxes are received in the user’s mailbox where they can be retrieved from their phone or email client application.



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