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Hosted IP Telecommunications Services

Business Connect offers affordable, easy-to-use hosted business class telephone service alternatives to traditional telephone systems or expensive Centrex services from traditional telecommunications solution providers.

Business Connect allows users, regardless of location, to be part of a virtual telephone system that includes voice mail, auto attendants, conference bridges, four digit dialing and disaster recovery options, in addition to a rich portfolio of other business class features normally only offered by dedicated equipment. Business Connect also delivers unlimited local and long distance calling plans for the United States and Canada, and access to low international rates.

Business Connect subscribers have the ability to choose the features and calling plans from a selection of service subscriptions that meet their specific needs. Each user receives a Business Connect extension number and can be located anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet. Business Connect extension-to-extension calls, transfers and conference calls are accomplished over the Business Connect VoIP network, anywhere in the world, free of extra charges.

Business Connect Features

Business Connect services are tailored made for small and medium sized businesses and offer the services they need to compete and grow, including:

  • Free, four digit extension-to-extension dialing anywhere in the world
  • Unlimited calling to the US, Canada and any other Business Connect subscriber
  • Business class voice mail
  • A broad selection of advanced desktop VoIP business class telephones
  • Self service auto-attendant, providing dial by extension or user name
  • An easy to use, web browser-based extension and feature management wizard
  • A hosted virtual call receptionist application for heavy call volume management and distribution
  • Smart Ring, a flexible call forwarding and “follow-me” forwarding feature for personalized call and contact management treatments
  • Mobile Connect transforms any phone into a Business Connect extension, giving remote or traveling employees “virtual office” capabilities
  • Mobile Manager gives Business Connect users remote control of feature settings, contact directories, and call histories from any wireless device
  • Outlook Integration provides Microsoft Outlook users with an embedded call control toolbar for easy “click-to-dial” capabilities and synchronized contact directories
  • Disaster Avoidance lets users instantly redirect calls to alternate locations (another business location, mobile phones, etc.) in the event of a natural disaster or other business interrupting events

Service Benefits


Business Connect services reduce the total cost of doing business and simplify the administration and management of IP telephony and converged networks.


Cut Costs:

  • Predictable, low monthly costs for all voice and data use.
  • No up front capital investment needed for advanced IP Telephony features
  • No need to train or add dedicated staff necessary to install and maintain IP Telephony system and converged network.


Increase Productivity – advanced IP telephony features save time, increase collaboration, produce better decisions and extend the office environment to include users with broadband access anywhere in the world.


Improve Customer Service – mobility and call treatment options improve and expedite call handling and response times.


Reduce Technology Risk – the pace of change in technology will only continue to increase. Service based solutions eliminate the risk of being left behind.


Insure Business Continuity – easily avoid possible business disruption due to natural disasters or telephone network outages


To learn more about Business Connect, view our Service Plans.


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