Panasonic Voice Mail Systems

Panasonic KX-TVA Voice Processing Systems handle between two and twenty-four ports with over 1000 hours of recording time and up to 1024 mailboxes.  Features include dial by first and last name; Caller ID routing to special greetings; automated attendant with up to 100 custom menus; bilingual capabilities; busy/no-answer and after hours greetings; Windows based programming; Unified Messaging emailing of your messages and many more flexible features.

KX-TVA50 is a Flash Memory Voice Processing Systems that offers two voice paths (2-ports), expandable to 6 ports. Base system has 4 hours of record time and is expandable to a maximum of 8 hours. Up to 64 mailboxes with an unlimited number of messages per mailbox (limited only to available storage time).
KX-TVA200 Hard Drive Driven Voice mail with 4 ports, expandable to 24 ports with 1000 hours of record time. It also has 1024 mailboxes with an unlimited number of messages per mailbox.
KX-NCV200 adds automated call distribution reporting (ACD) to the KX-TVA200 system.


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